We specialize in private money lending solutions for short-term loans secured by income-producing real estate collateral, or business purpose, investment properties.

Typically, when a commercial or residential loan is being procured with a traditional financial institution in California, it requires months of endless waiting, piles of paperwork and a rigorous credit approval process. With private money lending for real estate, we get rid of the usual frustration of slow response time, overwhelming amounts of documents and stringent credit approval processes.

If you own or found a great residential or commercial property, but you are unable to qualify for a loan from a traditional financial institution, there is no need to suffer. Maison Seven will give you a peace of mind and provide you with private money lending alternatives. Maison Seven is an expert private money lender that gives you flexible and creative lending solutions to finance your commercial real estate deals. When you need a quick loan and you can’t wait for several months for a bank loan, a commercial hard money loan is a good alternative.